GOSM renders full management services to Ship Owners/Managers.

GOSM policy is to provide the necessary resources and working conditions to maintain good operating practices that comply with national and international statutory regulations and relevant standards and guidelines relating to Fleet Personnel management of merchant vessels.

GOSM is committed to provide qualified, skilled and trained seagoing personnel to the satisfaction of our clients and to meet their procedural and quality and safety management system requirements. We have cutting-edge expertise in servicing the needs of our principals to the best of their satisfaction.

In us you will find an ally with unmatched competence in managing and optimizing your personal resources.

We have on our roaster a vast number of experience skilled and semi-skilled marine officers engineers and ratings who are very well conversant with the functional procedures and practices governed by the IMO/ILO conventions covering STCW 95 or 2010 SOLAS including ISM Code etc.

We also have on our roaster marine personnel working in inland waters. They are well versed with marine construction operations and have already served in a similar type of project.

As we operate from Mumbai, we have attracted energetic and trustworthy Officers and Crew for replacement on our clients ships. Prior to the selection of a candidate on our roaster, exhaustive screening is done, certification authenticity is checked and character/professional quality is verified from previous employer. Thus we offer good qualified and dedicated personnel to our principals.

In the initial years the Company dealt only in Crew Management. However, in the span of last 5 years GOSM has progressed and spread its roots in a wide gamut of shipping and related activities.

GOSM renders full management services to Ship Owners/Managers.

  Glanceone Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. is expanding its services through the gained knowledge over the years .

  Our Ship Management is a holistic process covering the entire aspects of shipping covering a wide range of vessels.

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